Flying Club

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During the chapter membership meeting 11/10/2020,

We felt it was time to send out a questionnaire to the members to determine the type of club desired – airplane build or buy, buy or rent, type of airplane and where to house are the types of answers we’re looking for.  Look for an email soon for a meeting invite or the questionnaire itself.

For Meeting minutes see the bottom of page.

Proposed Flying Club

The flying club committee had its initial meeting in Jan. We discussed a variety of issues
regarding forming a flying club at the Skagit Airport. We also reviewed information on the
AOPA website on how to form a Flying Club. In order to get the ball rolling we have provided
some information below on how a flying club might be organized and what it might cost. Since
the group is associated with our EAA Chapter at the Skagit Airport, we are leaning towards
forming a club that would have kit built aircraft for the members use.

Flying Club Requirements
1. We need enough member interest to make it feasible. It would probably take a
minimum of 10 members.
2. Each member would need to be willing to invest a sum of money in order to get the
club started. After the investment, the club would require a monthly dues.
3. If the club is going to use a kit built aircraft then it is very possible that we would need
to either build it or complete the construction of an aircraft.
4. As the club gets started it is going to require a certain amount of paperwork. AOPA
recommends that flying clubs be incorporated as non-profit corporations. Our EAA
Chapter is incorporated as a non-profit.
5. Where the aircraft would be housed will have to be determined at some point.
What would it cost to build an airplane. How about a Zenith 750 Cruzer. I estimated the cost of
the engine. All other costs are directly from the vendors web site. The avionics is for a Dynon
HDX system with a VHF and ADSB compliant transponder.
Rudder kit $750
Airframe $18,990
Finishing $5,800
Lights $1,075
Landing Light $950
Dual Control $850
Map Box $125
Upholstery $850
Tow bar $65
Adjustable Seats $220
Engine (O-200) $15,000
Firewall Forward $1,170
Prop $2,000
Avionics $12,360
Total $60,805
How would the funds be raised for the purchase of an airplane and club start up costs. Shares
could be sold to club members. I believe that this cost is a reasonable estimate for having decent
good performing aircraft. An additional benefit of having a homebuilt aircraft is that the club
can perform all of the maintenance on the aircraft.

For a video about building a Zenith CH750  Click here

Meeting Minutes:

2/18/2020 – Meeting discussion felt a minimum of 10 members would be required, If we built  the $60,000 airplane plus $5000 for additional cost, divided by 10 is would be $6500 per member. At least $4000 and a commitment of time for building would be required for initial buy-in.
We’re not sure which Zenith,  STOL or Cruiser.
We may be able to get a large hangar for the project and some were hoping to involve young students to be involved in the build.  We felt if we start building – they will come.
Larry Becker will research the use of an LLC for club

3/10/2020 – A few members have made a tentative commitment to purchase and build. Now we have three possibilities; The Zenith in Colorado, a GlasStar in Spokane or a Tailwind here at Skagit. Dan will be flying down to check out the Zenith next week. We are hoping to be able to use the Ag hangar at BVS to build the plane.

Next meeting scheduled for Nov. 17th 7PM on Zoom. See the chapter calendar.