Living an Aviation Life

Presenters: Ariana Rayment and Brian Hickman

Presentation to EAA Chapter 818, May 13, 2023

Ariana Rayment is a columnist for Kitplanes magazine, an aviation vlogger, and crew chief for Jeff LaVelle’s unlimited #39 Glassair. Ari’s fiance, Brian Hickman, is an engineer at Van’s Aircraft who designed the novel landing gear for the RV-15. His family started Advanced Avionics. Ari and Brian are also renovating a home and hangar they bought on an airpark near Portland. In this video, Ari and Brian tell the story of how they got started in aviation, their career experiences so far, what it’s like to support a top-flight Reno air racer and why aviation is so tightly woven into their daily lives.

Port of Skagit and the KBVS Airport

Presenter: Mahlon Hull

Presentation to EAA Chapter 818, April 8, 2023

In this presentation, Mahlon Hull, a chapter member and Port of Skagit commissioner, updated us on the latest plans for the airport and how the port commission operates.

60 Years of Fly Baby

Presenter: Ron Wanttaja

Presentation to EAA Chapter 818, March 11, 2023

In this presentation, Ron Wanttaja, former Boeing systems engineer, writer for multiple aviation publications, Fly Baby owner and webmaster for the website reviews the history of the airplane, what it’s like to fly and maintain, and where it’s headed for the future.

Weather Basics for Pilots, and Flying a
Cessna 150 from Long Beach to Airventure 2022

Presenter: John Mahaney

Presentation to EAA Chapter 818, February 11, 2023

In this presentation, John Mahaney reviews flying weather basics, and relates his experiences flying his Cessna 150 from Long Beach to Airventure 2022 and back.

Considerations for Your Aircraft Paint Scheme

Presenter: Craig Barnett, CEO, Scheme Designers

Presentation to EAA Chapter 818, January 14, 2023

Starting to think about the paint scheme for your airplane? In this presentation to EAA Chapter 818, Craig Barnett, CEO of Scheme Designers gives us some things to think about. Which techniques make your airplane look like it’s flying just sitting on the ramp and which can steal perceived knots from its appearance? What factors affect the cost of your paint job? And do wraps make sense or not? Craig guides you through it all.

NAS Whidbey Class C and Surrounding Airspace

Presenter: Austin Harris, NAS Whidbey Air Traffic Controller

Presentation to EAA Chapter 818, November 8, 2022

In this video, Austin Harris, a controller at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, reviews the Class C and surrounding airspace under NAS Whidbey’s control. Austin gives tips on interacting with Whidbey controllers and navigating this unique, multi-use airspace tucked between the busy Seattle area and the Canadian border.

Cross-Country Adventures in My RV-7

Presenter: Bill Calvert

Presentation to EAA Chapter 818, July 9, 2022

Chapter member Bill Calvert tells us about his second long cross-country trip in his newly-built Van’s RV-7, from Anacortes, WA to Austin, TX. Bill also shares his thoughts on the differences between his airline flying job and GA flying, as well as his favorite flight planning tools. This presentation is from our monthly chapter meeting.

Non-Towered Airport Operations

Presenter: Tom Curran

Presentation to EAA Chapter 818, June 11, 2022

What do you do when four different pilots announce on KBVS CTAF that they intend to land on four different runways? What’s this new traffic pattern entry procedure the FAA just approved? What’s the right response when ATC calls out traffic? And if the wind is calm, how do you know which runway your checkride examiner will expect you to use?

At the June 2022 monthly meeting of EAA Chapter 818 in Burlington, WA Tom Curran reviewed both the legal and common sense requirements and best practices for operating at non-towered airports.

Choosing, Building and Flying a Viking-powered
Zenith 750 Cruzer

Presenter: Jonathan Fay, chapter member

Presentation to EAA Chapter 818, April 9, 2022

Jonathan wanted an economical and reliable airplane that he and his family could build together and fly together. In this presentation he shares their selection criteria, how the Zenith 750 Cruzer fit those requirements, their experiences building and customizing the aircraft, and how they discovered a passion for backcountry flying. Jonathan also describes the automotive-derived Viking engine he chose to power the airplane and his upgrade to the VIP in-flight-adustable prop.

Part 1: Choosing the Zenith 750 Cruzer


Part 2: Building the Airplane


Part 3: The Evolving Mission


Flying Free: My Victory Over Fear to Become the First Latina Pilot on the US Aerobatic Team

Presenter: Cecilia Aragon

Presentation to EAA Chapter 818, March 12, 2022

Cecilia Aragon is the first Latina member of a US Aerobatic team. In this presentation to EAA Chapter 818 in Burlington, Washington she tells how she overcame her fears to not only learn to fly but to qualify for the US Aerobatic team just six years after starting her flight training. Cecilia’s memoir, “Flying Free,” tells the story of how flying helped her transform from fearful child to award-winning aerobatic pilot and successful university professor.


Water or Trees? Considerations for
Off-airport Landings

Presenter: Bill Post, chapter member

Presentation to EAA Chapter 818, January 8, 2022

Given the choice between an emergency landing in water or in trees, which would you choose? For pilots in the Northwest and particularly in the Puget Sound area, this isn’t a hypothetical. It’s something we need to prepare for before we ever leave the runway.

Using accident statistics, Bill Post explains why what many pilots say they’d choose may not be their best option for survival.


Building AirCam N106LL and Flying It
Home to Anacortes

Presenters: Lyle and Laurel Parker, chapter members

Presentation to EAA Chapter 818, November 13, 2021

Lyle Parker built his AirCam at the factory in Florida, then he and his wife Laurel flew it home to the Seattle area. In this presentation, Lyle and Laurel tell us about the build, and share their experiences and photos from the 16-day cross country through sometimes unsettled weather to bring the airplane home.