Good Morning,

Recently we have seen an increase in sloppy and haphazard waste oil and toxic waste dumping at the waste oil locations at Arlington.

The Airport is under no obligation to provide a waste dump site, and these services costs are ever-increasing. The liability to the city for hazardous spills and/or site contamination is huge. Coupled with the cost, liability and potential hazmat pollution issues, the Airport may soon be forced to discontinue this service. This would leave the users, tenants, and others to find alternate recycling or waste sites to drop off these items off-site on their own and at their sole expense.

Please help us to maintain this service to our Airport users by cleaning up after yourself. If the oil container is full, please call the Airport Office immediately, and we will have our contracted service properly empty the containers. If you see someone leaving a mess, call the office.

Monroe Whitman Operations Specialist
Arlington Municipal Airport
18204 59th Ave NE
Arlington, WA 98223
Phone: 360-403-3471
Cell: 360-631-2841

The following is an email I received via SASA a pilot lounge:

Hi Skagit Pilots,

I have had this discussion with several pilots in the last couple of months and also brought up the subject at a past SASA Board meeting.
After several questions by pilots as to where the ‘pilot lounge’ is at Skagit, I queried several individuals about the possibility and usefulness for a computer and printer in the Skagit Terminal.
Dyberg Aviation was very excited about a computer with internet access to help with flight plans, weather and other training aspects, and have students able to use it for access to aviation subjects and assist in training, as needed.
Not everyone is flying with IPads just yet, but having access in the terminal would be helpful, especially for traffic using U.S. Customs, which meets aircraft at the Terminal.  Preflight computer access is also helpful so that the IPad, android, or IPhone batteries are not reduced in power just before flight departure.
I talked to Sarah Young today, and they were working on access to a desk, possibly with security for the computer and printer.  She said they were all in favor of it and were ‘in the loop’ to proceed with help to keep things moving along and will let me know how the process is going.
Since I have several ‘spare’ computers no longer able to work high performance proprietary software, I can upgrade the hard drive to a solid state HD, have a large screen monitor (23”) surplussed  by my wife’s company, and a possible printer.  The printer is a bit older than I would like for dependable reasons, but they are fairly inexpensive these days for decent quality machines.  So, if anyone has a decent quality printer and would like to donate it, that would be fantastic.  The option is to ask for donations from our pilot groups here at Skagit to help with the process.  I will see what is out there at Costco, Office Depot, and possibly a printer outlet/maintenance business to see if there are any for a decent price.
The other plan is to have a map board, a bulletin board (keep it neat), a basket with water bottles, and anything else you all may suggest, maybe like recent flying pubs.  The terminal has limited space, but then there are not lots of passengers in any one group, except maybe on Young Eagles fly days.  Since I am familiar with Arlington’s pilot lounge, others I have talked to agree that their lounge is practical and has similar amenities to what we anticipate as a starting point.
So, thank you for any input you may have and let’s keep moving in a positive direction.
If you want to contact me by phone, please leave a message or a text if I can’t break away from work or activities, like flying.
Paul Bergman
SASA Board Member