The chapter maintains a library of aviation-related books and videos—some related to piloting technique and best practices, others related to aircraft building, and others just for fun. The Excel spreadsheet and the PDF file below list the contents of our library. The listings are the same in both files; we’ve just provided the Excel version in case you want to use Excel’s sorting and filtering features to find titles of interest more quickly.

Here’s how to request a checkout of something from the library.
  1. Download one of the above catalog files to your local computer.
  2. Find the items you want to check out.
  3. Send an email to Lyle Mooney ( with the titles of the items you want to check out. Put “EAA Library” in the email subject line to ensure prompt attention.
  4. Lyle will reply to say if the title is available. If it is, he’ll bring it to the next Chapter meeting unless you ask to make other arrangement to pick it up.
  5. When you’re finished with an item, please return it to Lyle at the next Chapter meeting or send Lyle an email to make other arrangements. There’s no official checkout time limit, but please return the item as soon as you’re finished so others may enjoy it, too.