For Sale

April 12 – Propeller wanted and propeller to sell:
Wanted –  climbing prop for 65 HP Luscombe.
If wood Senenich looking for 76 / 40
If metal looking for 74 / 43
I have Mccauley 71 / 48  To sell.
> Thanks
> Steve Mclean 360 303 5928

April 7, 2021

Dear Robert Savage and members of EAA 818,

My name is Betty Graf. My husband, Daniel and I own a Pietenpol.

Daniel passed away in October 2020, and I need to sell the Pietenpol.

For Sale: Pietenpol Aircamper $19,500 with misc Rotec aerosport parts.I would appreciate you letting your chapter members know about this plane.

This Pietenpol Aircamper has a wooden fuselage and radial engine. It was built by longtime builder and EAA instructor Dick Navratil.  I have all the paperwork with pictures of the building process by Mr. Navratil and all the receipts etc. After Dick Navratil passed away, his widow sold this Pietenpol to Charlie McFarlan of Oklahoma, who thoroughly enjoyed flying this plane.

Summer of 2020, my husband Daniel Graf and I bought the Pietenpol from Charlie McFarlan.

We watched as Charlie and his pilot friends dismantled the wing sections. They carefully loaded it into a 26 foot U Haul which we drove home to Grandview WA and then unloaded into our shed. My husband had made a cradle for the longest of the wings. Then sadly, my husband Daniel, passed away from cancer in October 2020. The Pietenpol and wings are sitting in our shed covered with drop clothes. The other dismantled sections are wrapped in blankets.

This is a beautiful plane. You can email me at if you are interested in purchasing the plane. I have attached some pictures