See News tab for new info. about runway 22/04 at KBVS.

The Coronavirus pandemic has sure changed how we live our lives. Our meetings are on hold until further notice but hopefully you can still get out and fly, if only solo. There are lots of EAA webinars to view from the comfort of your home so be sure to go to the Calendar and shop for a few you might be interested in.

The Port of Skagit is going to place a few picnic tables and a BBQ on the restaurant (Flyers old location) patio after seeing visiting pilots sit on the cement eating bagged lunches.  Thank you Keith Love for noticing a need and filling it.

New information:

4/17/2020 – Added an email from the Port of Skagit about Runway 22/04 dated 4/15/2020 to the NEWS tab. Also a response on 4/16/2020.

The Arlington airport is having problems with their oil recycling stations. Please see the News tab for a letter sent out to Arlington users.  Could we be having the same problem here at Skagit?

Also, need a new workbench? See the Member Projects tab for a link to plans for the EAA Workbench.

Do you wonder what other EAA chapters are up to?   Fly-ins, burger burns, fundraisers or presentations are some of the activities you can find.

See the Helpful Links tab above to see links to other chapter websites and newsletters.



  • 10am – Second Saturday mornings of every month in the “Port of Skagit Hearing Room.” here at the airport.
  • 11am  – Program
  • 9:00am Board Meetings are held before the General Meeting – bring your own breakfast. Currently in the Port of Skagit Hearing Room and are open to all.
  • See our calendar here for events of interest: http://skagiteaa.org/calendar/

UPDATES:  If you have news or events to add here please contact: Bill or Brad (see contact tab for address)


Our group of aviation enthusiasts, made up of pilots, mechanics, CFI’s,
retired veterans, and interested persons meets once a month at the Skagit Regional Airport to
discuss mutual interests, share current aircraft projects, safety information, and to become enlightened
by a featured speaker with an adventure to share.

We also host “Spot Landing” contests, barbecues, and participate in other local fly-ins, such
as in Anacortes, Arlington, and at Mears Air-Field located in Concrete. Our Chapter
participates at the Arlington Air Show by sponsoring the “Fly-Mart” booth
during the course of this event. Owning an aircraft is not a prerequisite; just
an interest in aviation is all that is required, and hopefully, a desire to become
involved with a great Chapter.

One of our most anticipated events is flying children & teens from the ages
of 8-17 years of age, free, through our Young Eagles Program, sponsored
through the EAA Organization in Oshkosh, WI. Pilots volunteer their time and
the expense of aircraft fuel to ensure that any child can experience the thrill of

This event requires just as many “ground-crew” volunteers as pilots. On the
average, we fly 60 children every year in the late summer time during this one
day event.

We work closely with the the Skagit Airport Support Association (SASA), the Heritage
Flight Museum, the Port of Skagit and  other area aviation related outfits – to help
build a healthy, vibrant, innovative, and safe community of aviators.

Hope to hear from you, or better yet, see you at our next meeting!